Equine Accommodations: On Building Stables

Horses are perhaps best known for their capability to act as transportation. However, these gentle beasts are living things, and will need the basics of food and shelter to survive. Owners should have proper accommodations for their steeds, and the most fitting shelter for these animals is the stable.

Stables are designed to be occupied specifically by horses; those planning to have such structures built into their property should remember a few pointers in designing a stable. Stables are comprised of a series of standing stalls, with a couple of box stalls as needed. The standing stalls should be narrow just enough to keep stallions upright, but it shouldn’t be too small either. Box stalls will need to be wide enough for foaling mares to lie in; some owners design their standing stalls to be modular, enabling them to take out a partition and turn two standing stalls into one box stall.

Cleanliness is a major factor that shouldn’t be ignored by horse owners when it comes to designing a stable. Concrete as flooring for a stable is easy to hose down and clean of filth, but the surface can be too hard for horses. Sandy soil is a softer alternative, but will be very hard to clean, and nothing short of digging out the old dirt and replacing it will do. Stables sound like an awful lot of work to create, but they’re essential in keeping horses safe and healthy.