Tips on Properly Storing Horse Feed

Your horses need to be fed with the right amount of nutrients everyday if you want them to stay healthy and steadfast. However, no matter how simple the act of storing your horse’s feed may be, botching the job could get your trusted steed sick from eating vermin, bugs and other bacteria that have infested its food.

If you want to stay away from the inconvenience of having to transport heavy horse feed from a separate storehouse a few times a day, set up a closed-off section in your horse barn for storage instead. Make sure that it has a locking mechanism, though, lest your horses gain access to an unlimited supply of food when you have your back turned on them.

Place the horse feed in a durable metal container which no rats or other vermin can gain access to. You can probably find some of these in your local feed store, or you can improvise one out of a tough metal trash can. Tightly secure the lids using a bungee cord so that even your horses can’t get into the feed should they somehow manage to raid your storeroom.

Sweep the storeroom daily and keep any spilled feed out of sight. Also, make it a habit to lock the storeroom behind you every time you’re done using it. This minimizes the risk of you forgetting, and all sorts of trouble befalling your horse’s feed—and consequently, your horse.