Ways to Make Your Barn Fireproof

Despite efforts from a barn’s owner to ensure safety, accidents still do happen and horses can die in barn fires. However, these accidents can be prevented by observing several practices. One of these is to clean your barn and clear it of spider webs or other materials that are highly flammable. Aside from this, there are still other things that you can do in order to prevent fire.

No Smoking

Your barn should be a no-smoking area with no exceptions. Post “no smoking” signs in and around the area so anyone visiting the barn will be aware of it. More importantly, you should strictly enforce this ban.

Put only dry hay in your loft

Hay that is bundled and has too much moisture can heat up and burn. It is best to make sure that all of your horse hay is dry before packing bales in your loft. It is strongly suggested that hay should be placed in an area separate from the stables.

Have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors at hand

Place fire extinguishers inside each barn door and one in the tack room. Make sure that they are fully charged and that everyone working in your barn knows how to use them. You can also install special smoke detectors for high-dust areas that are manufactured by industrial fire safety companies. Make sure these are wired to alarms in your house.